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The Potter’s Atelier



 « The work does not seek beauty, it is the beauty which is born of the work » (KAWAI KANJIRO Japanese potter)

The Maison Hulotte Atelier

It's a place of learning, exchange, and relaxation. It is open to guests who are curious to discover the different types of clay, the techniques of throwing and turning or glazing before firing.

Agnès will share with you the pleasures of stoneware or porcelain turning.

"If the clay keeps the imprint of the gesture, the hand learns a lot from the clay. It is the hand that will educate the gesture, make it right, inform it by its strength, and teaches it to transform it into a nuanced contained strength. (L’Eloge de l’empreinte )

A relaxing corner in front of the fireplace is set up to take the time to watch. "Stoneware is a beautiful material, an ideal material, glazed or not, which is sufficient in itself. When stoneware meets this conception it can give deep artistic enjoyment that makes you dream as if you were looking at something superior" (Catalogue of the exhibition "400 years of pottery in Puisaye")

Discovery or the praise of slowness

You will discover, in groups of 2 maximum, the unique sensations that the touch of the clay brings. You will learn to respect the slowness of the gesture and the transformation of the material.

This "discovery" experience can take place in the afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

You will make a small stoneware bowl that will be sent to you within 3 weeks after it has been glazed and fired by Agnès.

Rate: 50 € TTC per person + 7 € for the shipment of the piece made.


A la carte formula

Agnès will adapt to your desires and will personalize your program. (Turning, glazing)

By a group of 2 people maximum from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Rate: 60 € TTC per person/ half day + 7 € for the shipment of one or two of the pieces made.

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14 rue de la Concorde
37400 Amboise
06 38 03 89 98

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