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The herbal tea counter

The Art of Herbal Tea at the King's Garden


Originally, the herbal tea room was the place in the hospital where herbal teas, decoctions, macerations, and infusions of tasty and medicinal plants were prepared.

Because it is necessary to learn to take care of oneself, Agnès offers you a choice of local, organic, and eco-responsible herbal teas. Our partner, Le Champs des 3 chênes, a farmer-gatherer of aromatic and medicinal plants, offers you different varieties.


Made from fresh or dried plants, herbal teas are consumed for pleasure, comfort, or as a natural remedy. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, they avoid deficiencies, strengthen the body and relieve minor ailments when consumed regularly.

In the morning: Favour the so-called tonic plants: ginseng, ginger, angelica, savory. With their anti-tiredness properties.

Throughout the day: Blackcurrant and red vine activate blood circulation and relieve heavy legs. Birch drains thanks to its antiseptic and depurative properties while dandelion is diuretic and detoxifying.

After meals: After lunch or dinner, choose digestive plants such as sage which reduces cramps and pain. Mint and verbena reduce bloating and intestinal fermentation.

At bedtime: Chamomile or verbena have relaxing and antispasmodic effects that ease digestion and help you sleep better. You can therefore naturally drink them in the evening.

In detox: Mint, lemon, ginger are used in detoxifying herbal teas. To drink cold or hot. You can add honey for a sweeter taste.


On site

On site: 6 € TTC

  • Vitality; Bergamot Mint, Yarrow, Rosemary, Sage, Cornflower, Calendula. (Not suitable for pregnant women)

  • Complete detox; Dandelion, Nettle, Elder, Birch, Hyssop, Rosemary.

  • The after-meal; Cinnamon Basil, Noble Laurel, Calendula, Matricaria, Tarragon.

  • Digestive; Spearmint, Oregano, Raspberry, Matricaria, and Monarda.

  • Soft night; Orange balm, Vervain, Hawthorn, Eschscholtzia, Linden, Lavender.

  • Winter ailments; Thyme, Elderberry, Sage, Savory, Agastache, Primrose.

  • Greedy relaxation; Lemon balm, Hawthorn, Roman chamomile, Lavender, Poppy.

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